Christmas How-To: Wrapping Presents

XmasHowTo In the first installment of our ‘How To…’ series, we will take a look at how to wrap presents. To some it’s a doddle, but for others it’s a chore that fills them with dread.

In 7 steps, we will talk you through how you wrap presents, and even add a little flourish at the end. Our guide comes courtesy of (Source), and includes a helpful gallery of images.

1. Measure and Cut

May sound like an obvious step, but it’s as good a point as any to start!

Place the gift in the middle of the wrapping paper, ensuring that you have enough space for the left and right sides to meet in the middle with a little overlap.

2. The First Folds

Fold one side of the paper into the middle, and bring the other side in as well, so it overlaps. Tape into place.

If your cutting isn’t especially neat, you can slightly fold the edge of one of the sides of the paper so it displays a neater edge when taped into place.

3. The Bottom Edge

Depending on the gift you’re wrapping, you may have some excess paper on the top and bottom of the paper. Trim according, ensuring enough paper is left for the next step.

Fold one edge in, and crimp into place. Repeat the same on the other side. You should end up with a “V” shape, or a “\__/” shape depending on the amount of paper. Fold the top flap down, and overlap the bottom edge over it. Tape into place.

4. Repeat

Repeat step 3 with the top of the present. After this step, the present is basically wrapped, and you could stop here if you wish. However, steps 5, 6 and 7 will help embellish your gift.

5. Crimp

In order to make the edge nice and neat, run your thumb and index finger along every edge, crimping slightly.

6. Add a Bow

The easiest step! Bows can be bought which have adhesive stickers on the back, so the bow can be placed wherever you wish.

7. Add Ribbon

The final step: Add a ribbon by wrapping around the gift. When the ribbon meets, twist the strands together and wrap around the gift again, at a 90 degree angle to the first wraparound. Do a double knot to keep the ribbon in place and add a bow to hide the knot.


There you have it! A simple guide to wrapping presents this year. Are there any tricks that you’ve learnt to help with wrapping? Let us know in the comments.

Gift Ideas for Women 2014

WrappingWomen It was announced earlier this week that men will spend on average a third more on women then women do on men. (Source). Whether this is due to having more disposable income, or shopping habits meaning they don’t shop around, we’ll let you decide. However, it is clear that some men have as much trouble buying for women, as women do for men.

According to a GQ article, here are the gifts the ladies in your life will love to unwrap this December 25th. (Source).


If the lady in your life loves shoes, then Kitty Pumps by Charlotte Olympia (£365) are elegant and stylish, yet practical. For staying mobile in the British winter weather (or for hitting the piste on a skiing holiday) Sorel Caribou Boots (£240) are comfortable, practical and gorgeous. The Insmoke silk-mix Scarf by Whistles (£85) is a luxurious scarf that is beautiful and practical.

In terms of accessories, you can’t go wrong with Aspinal Cleopatra Clutch Bracelet (£95) which has a range of 9 different designs to choose from; or the Camera Messenger by Cindy Sherman for Louis Vuitton (£2,420) is an expensive, yet highly fashionable update on the classic Louis Vuitton print. Enjoy a retro 1960s vibe with the Edie Parket Bespoke Clutch (£1,140) which comes in a design you choose. A simpler, yet sophisticated bag, the Sophie Hulme Buckled Leather Tote (£775) will brighten up any girl’s wardrobe.


Beauty accessories fill the shelves at Christmas, and it can be daunting, even for the most metrosexual of men. Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Body Scrub (£37) gives soft skin and the gorgeous aroma of vanilla, shea butter, honey and jojoba oil; the Creme de Corps by Kiehls (£27 – £45) claims to provide soft skin as well as an after-glow. Eau Legere Fragrance by Bottega Venetta (£75) comes highly recommended as a fragrance that can be work day or night.

Alternatively, really treat her and splash out on a Indulgent Relaxation Package at Espa Life (£415) which includes lunch and 3 and a half hours spa treatments.

This list is by no means exhaustive, there are plenty of gifts out there that are perfect for men and women. What will you be getting your wife/girlfriend/partner for Christmas this year? Let us know in the comments.

Most Wanted Children’s Gifts 2014

KidsGiftsWith around six weeks remaining until Christmas day, it may be worth considering what you are going to buy as gifts this year, if you haven’t started already. As any parent will know, walking into a toy store at this time of year and seeing the huge range of gadgets, figurines, toys and games can be extremely daunting and selecting the perfect gift for a child can seem impossible: a sea of twinkly lights, vibrant colours and characters you’ve never heard of.

Based upon information from leading toy stores and websites, we aim to make it a little bit easier by compiling a list of the top most sought-after toys for children in 2014.

1. Bop-It! Beats (around £20)

The classic game of quick-reactions and accuracy has been reinvented for 2014. Combining the classic game play of doing a particular action when told to by the handheld device, the game now involves songs your favourite musical artists. Including 5 different game modes and steadily increasing difficulty, this game is fun for the whole family.

2. Nerf 2-in-1 Strike Elite Demolisher Blaster (around £45)

Nerf is a household name by now, famous for it’s fun and innovative toys. This Nerf Blaster takes things to a whole new level, giving your child extra ways to ensure they can shower you in sponge darts with accuracy and speed. Motorised blasting and pump action make this the superior dart gun on the market.

3. The Lego Movie – Benny’s Spaceship (around £80)

The Lego Movie was the surprise hit of 2013, and the toys and accessories from the movie have become the must-have toy for 2014. Benny’s Spaceship toy lets children (and adults if they wish!) build the Spaceship from the movie, and comes with 4 Lego figurines.

4. & 5. Frozen Dolls (£16 – £35)

Disney’s Frozen has become a huge favourite for children worldwide. Never one to miss a marketing opportunity, Disney has released a collection of figurines from the movies, including a “Snow Glow” Elsa that sings the hit song “Let it Go”.

6. Zoomer Dino – Boomer (around £60 – £100)

This toy is about as close to as pet dinosaur as any child could hope for. Using innovative technology including motion sensors, this Dino can be chased, tamed and even made to dance!

Are there any you think we have missed? What have your little ones been asking for this year? Let us know in the comments.