The Christmas Tree Debate



Here at I Can Have It, we have begun to get into the festive spirit. Everyone likes to enjoy Christmas in their own way, but one issue that we have found to be particularly divisive is the issue of what type of tree people get.

For some, the tree IS Christmas itself. It is the centrepiece of the whole house, where family and friends gather round to exchange gifts and be merry. Therefore, it is only right that the custom be maintained and a real tree should be brought into the home.

On the other hand, some people are sick and tired of spending most of the festive season vacuuming up the needles that fall off the tree (or still finding them scattered around months into the new year). These people prefer to have a reliable, plastic tree which they can put up and leave, knowing it requires no maintenance – after all, there’s enough to worry about right?

We want your opinion. Do you opt for a real tree, or a fake tree? Take part in our poll and let us know. Feel free to comment with any Christmas customs you may have in your household.