Most Wanted Children’s Gifts 2014

KidsGiftsWith around six weeks remaining until Christmas day, it may be worth considering what you are going to buy as gifts this year, if you haven’t started already. As any parent will know, walking into a toy store at this time of year and seeing the huge range of gadgets, figurines, toys and games can be extremely daunting and selecting the perfect gift for a child can seem impossible: a sea of twinkly lights, vibrant colours and characters you’ve never heard of.

Based upon information from leading toy stores and websites, we aim to make it a little bit easier by compiling a list of the top most sought-after toys for children in 2014.

1. Bop-It! Beats (around £20)

The classic game of quick-reactions and accuracy has been reinvented for 2014. Combining the classic game play of doing a particular action when told to by the handheld device, the game now involves songs your favourite musical artists. Including 5 different game modes and steadily increasing difficulty, this game is fun for the whole family.

2. Nerf 2-in-1 Strike Elite Demolisher Blaster (around £45)

Nerf is a household name by now, famous for it’s fun and innovative toys. This Nerf Blaster takes things to a whole new level, giving your child extra ways to ensure they can shower you in sponge darts with accuracy and speed. Motorised blasting and pump action make this the superior dart gun on the market.

3. The Lego Movie – Benny’s Spaceship (around £80)

The Lego Movie was the surprise hit of 2013, and the toys and accessories from the movie have become the must-have toy for 2014. Benny’s Spaceship toy lets children (and adults if they wish!) build the Spaceship from the movie, and comes with 4 Lego figurines.

4. & 5. Frozen Dolls (£16 – £35)

Disney’s Frozen has become a huge favourite for children worldwide. Never one to miss a marketing opportunity, Disney has released a collection of figurines from the movies, including a “Snow Glow” Elsa that sings the hit song “Let it Go”.

6. Zoomer Dino – Boomer (around £60 – £100)

This toy is about as close to as pet dinosaur as any child could hope for. Using innovative technology including motion sensors, this Dino can be chased, tamed and even made to dance!

Are there any you think we have missed? What have your little ones been asking for this year? Let us know in the comments.